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Support Staff

Contact Danielle Haffner  Danielle Haffner Teacher
Contact Amber Barron  Amber Barron Teacher
School Counselor M/W/F
Contact Andrea Hendrickson  Andrea Hendrickson Teacher



Adaptive P. E.

Janelle Adams


Cafeteria Mgr

Susan Uribe



Kathy Trapp,
Jane McDonald


Computer Instruction Assistant

Brenda Krpan


Custodian (Head)

Danny Cornejo


Custodian (Night)

Mira Laskowska


District Nurse

Bea Agronow (Fri)



Janet Ortiz


ELD Support

Claudia Rodriguez


Instrumental Music

 Richard Truswell



Amber Barron


Click here to visit Mrs. Albright's Music Notes Website

Occupational Therapist

Maria Kuvetakis (T, W, F)

Room 20

Physical Education Specialist Julie Miller Thursday Only
PE Assistant Rhonda Hess  
PE Assistant    



Allison Sharp (TH, F)


Resource Specialist

MaryEllen McGrane

Room 11

Resource Assistant

Celeste Barker

Room 11

School Counselor Andrea Hendrickson  

Science Instruction Assistant

Patricia Gomez


Speech / Language

Mia Falco

Maja Baluta (Pre School)

 Room 24

Vocal Music

Michael Britt