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Toys and Other Personal Property

Students may not bring to school: toys, games (marbles, jacks, jump ropes, etc.), trading cards or atheletic equipment unless instructed by the teacher for special circumstances.

Items such as radios and electronic devices are never allowed at school. Items taken away by staff may be reclaimed at the end of the school day in the office.

Gum is never allowed at school.

Bicycles and other "Wheels"


Students must walk their bicycles when on campus. Bicycles are to be parked and locked in the racks in the front of the school office. California state law requires that all students wear helmets when riding their bicycles.

The school is not responsible for damage to or theft of bicycles. Bicycles should not be left on campus overnight.

Roller Blades/Skateboards/Scooters/Shoes with Wheels

For safety reasons, students are not allowed to use roller blades, shoes with retractable wheels, skateboards, or scooters on campus (before, during and after school). This is a safety issue. Please encourage your child to comply with these school regulations.

Students who come to school wearing shoes with retractable wheels will be asked to remove the wheels. If the wheels cannot be removed, the student will be sent to the office until his/her parent can bring a new pair of shoes.