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6/18/18 9:45 AM
4/23/20 4:15 PM

Art Docent Program

Be a part of your child's classroom learning experience. It's fun, easy and only once a month. You will be teaching your child's class about the world's fine artists and artistic techniques. Materials, project ideas, prints and supplies are provided by the PTA. Please contact the Art Docent chairperson to get involved.

Art Docent Curriculum


Art Docent Program (c) copyrighted by Barbara Herberholz.  The art lessons are available for use by the Art Docent in a data CD format.  Soon they will be available online. Please do not share with anyone outside of Highlands. Art Docents requesting a CD should contact Kim DeVera.

The current edition of the Art Docent Program may be purchased by calling (916) 486-4633 or emailing Barbara  For additional information about the Art Docent Program, please go to