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Unexcused (Truant) Absences

Unexcused absences include:

  1. Out of town
  2. Vacation
  3. No Transportation
  4. Absences that were not cleared within 72 hours


Promptness is an important "life skill" for our students to develop and for adults to model. Playground supervision is available from 7:45 to 7:55. Students who arrive at school after the 8:00 bell are considered tardy and must go to the office before going to class. Students may be referred for detention (recess, lunch, or after school) for frequent tardies fewer than 30 minutes. As mentioned above, repeated tardiness of more than 30 minutes can result in a student beig declared truant.

Please note: Traffic on Pennsylvania Blvd is extremely busy in the morning. Even more so on rainy days! Please plan accordingly to ensure that your child arrives to school on time. Late arrivals interrupt instruction and disrupt the entire class.

Absence Policy

Excused Absences

If your child is not able to attend school for any reason, please report him/her absent. Click on the Report Absence link on the left or call the school at (925) 672-5252.

Upon your child's return to school, please send a signed note stating the dates and reason for your child's absence. District policy states that absences must be cleared within 72 hours or they will remain unexcused.

Excused Absences include:

  1. Illness or injury of the student
  2. Student attendance at a medical, optometric or chiropractic appointment
  3. Student attendance at the funeral service of an immediate family member
  4. A quarantine imposed by a city or county health official
  5. Exclusion from school due to head lice, lack of immunization, or physical examination
  6. Appearance in court
  7. Observance of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion

School Attendance Review Board (SARB) Procedures

Regular Attendance is vital for successful learning. According to state law, students are considered truant when they have 3 or more days of unexcused absences and/or 3 tardies of 30 minutes or more without a valid excuse. A letter will be sent to parents of students who are considered truant. In addition, a copy of the letter will be filed in the student's CUM. Students who are habitually truant may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).

Independent Study

If it is necessary for your child to be absent 5 or more days for a reason other than illness, "Independent Study" is an alternative to the regular classroom instruction during that time. It must be understood that this does not replicate the educational program occurring during the child's absence. If you wish to use this option please notify the office at least 5 school days prior to the first date of the planned absence to apply for Independent Study. Once you have been approved, the parent, child, teacher, and administration will sign contracts and agree to complete the assigned work within a specific timeline. Students who complete Independent Study contracts are ineligible to earn perfect attendance awards.

Home and Hospital

If your child becomes ill or injured and is unable to attend school for more than two weeks, he/she may be eligible for the Home and Hospital Program. Applications are available in the school office. Parents must complete Part 1 to request home instruction. Part 2 must be completed by the student's physician/family medical advisor. Once the application is approved a teacher will be assigned to provide instruction for the student.

Suggestions to Help Maintain Good Attendance

  1. Expect your child to attend school on a regular basis and to arrive on time (learning begins promptly at 8:00)
  2. Make school a priority - Ask your child about his/her day. Listen to what your child has to say. Spend time talking with your child about what they are learning.
  3. Make sure your child is well rested
  4. When possible, schedule doctor and dentist appointments after school so your child does not miss the learning experience.
  5. Encourage your child to earn perfect attendance awards at school (given out each trimester)
  6. Offer incentives at home for perfect or improved attendance